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Assimilation System Management Survey

If you manage, secure, or plan for IT environments or DevOps, we’d love for you to take our System Management survey. Right now, we’re busy planning on how to make the Assimilation Suite better in 2016.  Your responses will be a huge help in giving us a sharp focus on how best to improve IT  management for you and others in the IT community. If you can help us out, we’ll send you a small token of our appreciation.

To cut down the time they take, we’ve split them into three areas depending on your responsibilities, knowledge and interests. Please choose the area(s) you have responsibilities or expertise in and invite other IT professionals!

Server security

This one covers security compliance, intrusion detection and patch management, and takes about 6 minutes to complete.

Complete Security Survey

Server / Service monitoring

This one covers server and service monitoring and alerting and takes about 6 minutes to complete.

Complete Monitoring Survey

Infrastructure Knowledge/Understanding / Configuration Management / CMDB

This one covers issues surrounding knowledge of and insights into your IT infrastructure. If you’re involved with IT management or planning, this 6-7 minute survey is likely for you. Some folks love the term CMDB (configuration management database), and some hate it – but everyone needs insight to their IT environment. This is about insight into your IT.

Complete CMDB / Infrastructure Knowledge Survey

What Is the Assimilation System Management Suite?

The Assimilation System Management Suite provides a tightly integrated group of capabilities in several areas (CMDB, monitoring, security, and network management). All components are driven by highly scalable (≈100K servers) continuous discovery which allows us to provide all these services with near-zero configuration. This reduces errors, improves availability and reduces cost.


Thanks to all of you who fill one out or pass it along to others!

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