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Monitoring Questions

Do you know for certain you’re monitoring all your services?
90% of all IT organizations suffer from failures of things they weren’t monitoring. We store all our monitoring information in the CMDB, and monitoring is tightly integrated with CMDB service discovery. A standard report instantly tells you all services which you’re offering but not monitoring. This closes the loop on monitoring quality, and helps you get your systems back up and running before your customers even notice.

Are new services automatically monitored as they’re activated?
A third of all IT organizations start monitoring after problems are found. Our monitoring is driven directly from CMDB service discovery. If we know how to monitor a service, it automatically gets monitored as soon as it is activated. Save time, money, errors and prolonged outages with our automatic configuration.

As you grow, do you anticipate problems scaling up monitoring?
Many sites larger than 1000 systems (and some larger than 100 systems) run into problems scaling their monitoring. Our unique reliable-no-news-is-good-news monitoring protocol allows our architecture to naturally scale well into the 100K server range without proxies, federation or other complex scaling mechanisms. With our monitoring, you can stop worrying about future growth and upper management’s expansion plans.

When a system is down, can you easily tell if it crashed or was shut down?
Our lightweight agent architecture clearly distinguishes between systems which were gracefully shut down and those that crashed. Separate reports are available for listing crashed and shut down systems. Now you can avoid middle-of-the-night wake-up calls because someone forgot to say the server was supposed to be down.

What would it be like to not worry about monitoring?
Learn how you can make these and many more monitoring problems disappear forever.   Review Assimilation Monitoring Features


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