The Assimilation System Management Suite

Many is the IT problem that comes from what you don’t know…

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Assimilation System Management Suite of Products
What if you could know anything about your IT environment?
What would you want to know, and what would you do with that knowledge?

We help you understand your IT environment –
doing things for you and equipping you to do things yourself.


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The Assimilation System Management Suite is centered around a CMDB (Configuration Management Data Base) which drives Monitoring, Cybersecurity and Network Management capabilities with near-zero configuration.

Why We’re Unique

Our products are driven from our continuously-updated CMDB, are seamlessly integrated, and require near-zero configuration.  This actively reduces complexity in your environment, and at the same time helps you manage the complexity we can’t reduce by giving you X-Ray vision into your infrastructure, services and interrelationships.  Our suite helps you manage risk, improve your IT visibility, awareness, agility and operational reflexes. We are dedicated to delivering to the bottom line of improving the business value of your IT investment.

Our Capabilities

We provide a scalable discovery-driven IT automation platform – allowing you keep an up-to-date configuration management database – automating tasks and alerting you based on changes in the configuration, topology and status of your infrastructure. The discovery information goes into a Neo4j graph database where it is all available for query and reporting. Graph representations provide unmatched opportunities for visualization and deep insight.

Our Technology

Our technology scales like nothing else. It does this by distributing almost all the work to agents on every server using a unique and highly reliable no-news-is-good-news protocol. This protocol is key to our scalability. This means that we can rely on our agents to monitor servers and perform discovery remotely, and only need to react to changes – whether they be changes in discovery information, servers or services that have gone down, or come up. This increases the effective capacity of the system by orders of magnitude. Because of this, if you have a few minutes when nothing is coming up, going down or changing configuration, then during that time the central system has to do nothing at all. Doing nothing scales really well.

Who We Serve

The Assimilation System Management Suite addresses key needs of medium, large, and mega-scale IT shops.  Our products are seamlessly integrated and scale far past our competitors. Whether you’re a big believer in ITIL and ITSM, more of a DevOps type of shop, or trying to figure out which way to go, the capabilities we provide will inform and improve your system management, reducing errors and costs, while uniting your staff around a single view of the world.

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