Managing Risk, Improving Visibility, Agility and Operational Reflexes

We provide tools to help you manage risk, improve your IT visibility, awareness, agility and operational reflexes. We do this through highly scalable discovery-driven IT automation software which maintains a detailed configuration management database (CMDB). This database drives automation for monitoring, security and auditing tasks. These all deliver to the bottom line of improving the business value of your IT investment.

Here’s how that plays out in practice:

  • Agility, Operational reflexes – immediately know how much exposure you have to a critical vulnerability like HeartbleedHeartbleed bug logo
  • Risk and Visibility – 30% of external attacks come through forgotten systems – we discover every active IP address
  • Risk, Service availability – we know every service offered but not monitored – each risks service availability
  • Operational TCO – discovery-driven configuration minimizes effort, decreases errors

Our Capabilities

We provide a scalable discovery-driven IT automation platform – allowing you keep an up-to-date configuration management database – automating tasks and alerting based on changes in the configuration, topology and status of your infrastructure.

Our capabilities are driven by our deep-dive continuous discovery system – increasing accuracy and nearly eliminating the need for manual configuration. This system discovers servers, services, clients, switch connections, IP addresses, MAC addresses, dependencies and other configuration information. Additionally, it is easily extensible to discover other things you’re interested in. The discovery information goes into a central graph database where it is all available for query and reporting. Graph representations provide unmatched opportunities for visualization and deep insight.

These mechanisms are server-centric – meaning that they perform all discovery on the server without requiring special network permissions or authentication and cannot set off network security alarms (no pings, no port scans).

What Do We Do For You

  • Discover services, clients, detailed settings and other configuration details about your infrastructure and keep it continually up to date
  • Discover IP addresses – whether known or unknown
  • Discover switch connections to your servers
  • Discover dependencies between services and clients
  • Create a graph model of all these
  • Provide canned queries to perform common tasks
  • Provide interfaces suitable for integrating with alerting systems, chat systems, chat bots, and your tools
  • Monitor services we discover
  • Monitor checksums of network-facing binaries, libraries and JARs.
  • Provide extensibility to monitor your services, discover things you want discovered, and automate tasks you want automated
  • Do all this in a way that’s highly scalable, light on your servers and light on the network

Our Technology

Our technology scales like nothing else. It does this by distributing almost all the work to agents on every server using a highly reliable no-news-is-good-news methodology. This methodology is key to our scalability. This means that we can rely on our agents to monitor servers and perform discovery remotely, and only need to react to changes – whether they be changes in discovery information, servers or services that have gone down, or come up. This increases the effective capacity of the system by orders of magnitude. Because of this, if you have a few minutes when nothing is coming up or going down or changing configuration, then during that time the central system has to do nothing at all.  Doing nothing scales really well.

Our Current System Coverage

Although we plan to have agent coverage for most recent POSIX operating systems and Windows, the current situation is more limited. We currently provide tested packages for the following operating system versions:

  • Ubuntu 11.04, 12.04, 13.04, 13.10, 14.04
  • CentOS6 / RHEL6
  • Coming soon: RHEL7, Fedora 20

Looking for Innovators and Early Adopters

We are now in the process of doing a limited number of supported trials with innovators and early adopters to help tune our product and its mission. This gives our early customers an unprecedented opportunity to benefit from our leading-edge technology and influence our direction. If you want to know more before deciding, you might be interested in our online demos , the Assimilation Project web site, our the community mailing list.To be considered for participation, fill in the form below.