CyberSecurity Is War

In “The Art of WarSun Tzu said If you know your enemies and you know yourself, you will not be imperiled in one hundred battles – Assimilation Cybersecurity helps you know yourself like no one else can.

We help you keep your systems continually in compliance, both with your security best practices and the constantly changing set of vendor security patches – providing automation to transform security compliance from high drama to a series of teachable moments.

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Cybersecurity Questions

Do you know which IP addresses don’t belong to known (managed) systems?
30% of all successful breakins come through systems which have been lost track of. No surprise here, since if it’s not being managed, it’s probably doesn’t have the latest security fixes or properly secured configuration. Use Assimilation Cybersecurity to decrease your chances of a successful intrusion.

Can you quickly and easily find out which systems have a vulnerable version of a package?
You need to know which systems are affected before you can put together a plan to incorporate a new security update. With Assimilation Cybersecurity the up to date list of all installed packages on every system is just a predefined query away. Use Assimilation Cybersecurity to plan and track your vulnerability mitigation process.

Do you know what services are behind each port on each system?
Port numbers can be deceiving. What you really need to know is what services are actually running on each system to ensure that only necessary and appropriate services are running. The set of services and ports on any or every system is just a predefined query away. Use Assimilation Cybersecurity to audit services and listen for new ones across the enterprise.

Are all your systems in compliance with security best practices?
Out of the box, operating systems are typically in compliance with less than half of the industry best practices for security. The chances are that your systems aren’t hardened the way you’d like for them to be. 80% of organizations that get into compliance, find they don’t stay there[Verizon]. Use Assimilation Cybersecurity to keep your systems continually in compliance with security best practices.

Would you know if attackers tampered with software on your systems?
If attackers have modified software in your systems, you need to know immediately. Because it’s tightly integrated with our CMDB, Assimilation Cybersecurity automatically tracks the checksums of every network-facing binary, library and JAR file. Use Assimilation Cybersecurity to listen for checksum change events and query for modified versions of software on your systems.

Would you like to sleep a little better about cybersecurity in your company?
Learn how Assimilation Cybersecurity can help you solve these and other cybersecurity issues. Review Assimilation Cybersecurity Features


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