About Assimilation Systems Limited

Alan Robertson founded Assimilation Systems Limited in 2013 as a result of insights into how to make managing systems, services switches and security much easier by eliminating most configuration and more scalable through unique methods of delegation. What we do at Assimilation Systems, many people had considered impossible – and our competitors still do.

We are excited about creating outstanding and innovative IT management software, and providing an unmatched customer experience, and an unmatched work environment for our associates, based on understanding and valuing all our stakeholders and business partners.

More formally (and more boringly) Assimilation Systems Limited is a Colorado Limited Liability company created to support, promote, develop, and provide commercial IT management software. It was founded by Alan Robertson in 2013.

In addition, we also release this software as open source.

You can contact Assimilation Systems Limited by:

email info@assimilationsystems.com
phone +1 (303) 947-7999