2015 Assimilation Hackathon at the OSMC

Businesswoman drawing colorful business ideas on wall - good for Assimilation hackathons I think ;-)There will be an Assimilation Hackathon in Nürnberg, Germany associated with the Open Source Monitoring Conference.

We will likely be working on some of the items in our Trello Issues/Features/Bugs board. My guess is that most of the work we’ll be doing will come from the external integration or discovery agents columns from that board. The integrations tend to be bigger chunks of work, and the discovery agents tend to be smaller chunks of work – much smaller in some cases.

Although I’m not going to limit what people work on, here below are a few of my favorite Assimilation Hackathon integrations.

Suggested Assimilation Hackathon External Integrations

Suggested Assimilation Hackathon Discovery Agents

How We’ll Organize the Assimilation Hackahon

Here’s how to participate:

  1. Email AlanR@AssimilationSystems and tell him you want to join the Hackathon.
  2. Read the Contributing to the project page, and sign the contributor agreement before submitting completed work. Paper copies will be available if you’re physically present for the Hackathon.
  3. Connect your IRC client to the #assimilation channel on irc.freenode.net
  4. AlanR will then add you to the Trello board. Once you sign the contributior agreement, Alan will add you to the Assimilation github project as a project member.
  5. Pick an item you want to work on. Suggestions are in the External Integrations and Discovery Agents columns.
  6. Drag and drop that item to the Nürnberg Hackathon Projects column, and add yourself as a member  to the Trello card, so we can tell who’s working on it.
  7. Fork the github repository.
  8. Do your work, test it…
  9. When it’s done, submit a pull request. Pull requests without contributor agreements will be cheerfully ignored.
  10. When all is done, Alan buys beer for everyone who participated!
Date: November 19, 2015
Time: 0900-1700
Event: 2015 Assimilation Hackathon
Topic: Assimilation Hackathon
Sponsor: Netways
+49 911 92885-0
Venue: Holiday Inn Nürnberg
+49 (911) 24250-0
Location: Engelhardsgasse 12
Nürnberg 90402
Public: Public
Registration: Click here to register.
More Info: Click here for more information.