Sharing secrets with containers using Custodia

Di Original dated Aug 2, 2017 found at Distributing secrets in container environments is done dangerously more often than safely. This article gives an overview of secrets distribution using the open source Custodia package to distribute secrets safely in a really cool and novel way. Custodia will work in many more environments than this, […]

Docker Support For The Assimilation Suite

Docker support for Assimilation Suite

Docker is one of the hottest up-and-coming IT trends around. Sometimes when you see a trend, it turns out to be more hype than reality. Since we use Docker in the Assimilation Suite for building and for testing, we’ve had a chance to examine Docker in some detail. Although there is plenty of hype around Docker, there is also a good bit of reality to the excitement around it as well. Since our current release provides minimal support for Docker containers, we’re excited to announce that our next release will fully support Docker. This article provides an overview of how we are adding full Docker support to the Assimilation Suite.