Assimilating Boulder at the Boulder Linux Users GroupOur founder, Alan Robertson will be Assimilating Boulder – giving a talk on the Assimilation System Management Suite at the Boulder Linux Users Group.

The Assimilation Suite provides continuous IT discovery, monitoring and security. It discovers systems, switches, services, dependencies and detailed configuration information. Our discovery creates and updates a graph-based configuration management database (CMDB)  without setting off security alarms. This CMDB includes services you aren’t monitoring and systems you’ve forgotten about. This is important since about 30% of outsider security breaches come through forgotten systems, and services you’re not monitoring can’t be properly managed. Monitoring is extremely scalable due to its radically distributed architecture. Because discovery informs everything, near zero configuration is required.

This enables straightforward best practice audits (including security audits) without touching every machine. Our graph-based CMDB is natural for visualization and supports interesting queries about root causes and impact analysis. Our future work concentrates on continuous security monitoring – enabling you to easily stay in continual security compliance.

This talk gives an overview of the Assimilation System Management Suite – its capabilities, scalability and architecture, future plans and includes a demo of zero-configuration discovery and monitoring.

Date: December 10, 2015
Time: 6:30
Event: Assimilating Boulder: The Boulder Linux Users Group - December 2015
Topic: Assimilation System Management Suite
Venue: Applied Trust
Location: 1033 Walnut St - Suite 300
Boulder, CO 80302
Public: Public
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