Announcing Assimilation version 0.1.4

Version 0.1.4 – the ‘much better tested’ release

We are proud to announce the latest in our series of releases of the Assimilation software which will culminate in an incredibly useful production release. This release is eminently suitable for trials in an environment where the caveats are acceptable. We have quite a few pre-built Ubuntu packages, and a few CentOS/RHEL packages for this version in the 0.1.4 sub-directory of A tar ball for this version can be found here:

A complete and detailed view of the features, bugs, caveats and so on for the Assimilation Project is currently held on on Trello.  The lists of special interest are the In release 0.4 list and the various other bug and caveat lists in this board.


  • 100+ system System-level testing environment now part of development process
  • We now create several CentOS packages in our official build environment
  • Added support for Cisco’s CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol) for discovering switch connections in Cisco environments
  • Builds now support RHEL6/7 environments
  • Detailed documentation on building and installing for RHEL6.
  • ARP IP/MAC discovery on multiple interfaces (previously hard-wired to eth0)
  • LLDP/CDP discovery on multiple interfaces (previously hard-wired to eth0)
  • Added timeouts to discovery processes
  • Canned queries can now return simple (non-node) values.
  • Bugs and features in this release now logged in Trello.
  • Documentation updates.

Bug Fixes

  • Several canned queries now fixed
  • Removed duplicate ipport entries in database
  • Nanoprobes now stop reliably
  • ARP discovery flooding now mitigated
  • Numerous fixes related to the reliable communications protocol
  • Numerous other small fixes.

Go Forth, Download – and Assimilate the Galaxy!

Join the main mailing list at and the development mailing list  We also have an IRC channel — #assimilation at  Instructions for compiling from source can be found on the Getting Started page.

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