90 Second Demo of Zero-Config Assimilation Discovery and Monitoring

In this article, I present a 90 second demo of the Assimilation software doing its discovery and monitoring – without doing any manual configuration at all.

What is the Assimilation Software?

The Assimilation Software is an extensible and extremely scalable discovery-driven automation engine that uses the discovery data to drive other operations, including monitoring and audits.  Because we do excruciatingly detailed discovery, we have all the information needed to do these other operations with little or no human input.

Mini architectural overview

We have a central system which we call the Collective Management Authority (CMA), which stores its data in the Neo4j graph database.  Every system we manage has an agent on it which we call a nanoprobe.  Nanoprobes are policy free.  The only thing they do on their own is announce when they start and when they stop.  Everything else they do is because the CMA has told them to do something.

The Demo

To see the demo and a detailed explanation of it go to the 90 second demo page on our site.

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