SLC DevOpsDays 2016 – Come Get Assimilated!

2016 DevOpsDays SLC 2016 SLC DevOpsDays 2016

In June, I’ll be giving a talk at SLC DevOpsDays 2016  (Salt Lake City)  on 14 June 2016  at 0900- about the intersection of DevOps and security. This is a challenging space, since security has trouble keeping up with “normal” IT, and one of the common goals of DevOps is greater velocity – more changes faster. So, pretty clearly you need more security automation (very DevOpsy), low noise rates, and a scheme that accommodates not just the leading edge things which fall under the DevOps mantra, but also covers as much of the other cruft left over from the Precambrian era as possible (very unDevOpsy). With security, your infrastructure is unfortunately only as strong as your weakest system – so like it or not, you need to understand what all your systems are doing.

The SLC DevOpsDays 2016 Assimilation Talk

This will be a practical how-to talk, where you can learn how to begin securing your systems in 15 minutes, it will cover two new features I’ve never demonstrated or talked about before – detailed Docker discovery, and subgraph queries. Although I have a blog post on Docker discovery, I haven’t talked about our new canned subgraph queries. They help you understand how all your servers and networks are related to each other.  Since we use the Neo4j graph database, subgraph queries are easy to do, and make a lot of sense. They’re also awesome for visualization!

You can learn more details about what I’ll cover it in the SLC DevOpsDays 2016 event page.

The main thing is that this is going to be a great conference! As a bonus it is incredibly reasonably priced! If you can make it, you won’t regret it. Come Get Assimilated! 😉

I’ll be taking next week off, but will return to this blog the week after. See you then!

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