How IT Administrators get better by contributing to Open Source Projects

I’ve been asked to give a keynote address at the 2015 Cascadia IT conference.  For the keynote, I’d like to include stories of IT Admins’ contributions – large and small – and how they helped and how they were uniquely valuable.  Although I have a number of stories of how various IT admins (system, network, security, etc.) have contributed to my projects (Linux-HA/Pacemaker and the Assimilation Project), I’m looking for more – lots more.  This post is a request to send me your stories of how IT admins have contributed to open source projects in large or small ways.

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Let’s get some inspirational stories of how admins have been able to help in large or small ways with open source projects!

To tell me your stories, either email or fill out the form below…

To help spark your memory, here are some categories I’ve seen where admins have really helped out with open source projects.

  • code (shell scripts, C, Java, etc)
  • patches – large or small
  • testing
  • test cases
  • documentation
  • evangelism
  • recommending the project
  • willingness to be a reference
  • retweets, likes, and other social media sharing
  • suggestions for features
  • ideas on how to do things
  • insight into what’s important
  • pointers to other resources – RFCs, web pages with solutions
  • suggestions on how to resolve an issue
  • feedback on what’s important
  • understanding of how a tool or feature is being used
  • user stories – business rationale
  • administering project servers
  • continuous testing, integration, etc.


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