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Assimilation Monitoring provides a comprehensive set of  monitoring features and advantages for monitoring your systems and services.  Below you’ll find both the current set of monitoring features and those from our roadmap.  As with all Assimilation products, they integrate closely with each other and with our comprehensive, always-up-to-date and scalable CMDB.

Assimilation Monitoring Features

Monitoring Feature Description
Tight CMDB integration All our data is stored in the CMDB and our monitoring features are tightly integrated with it. A standard report lists all services which aren’t being monitored. This closes the loop on monitoring quality. 90% of all shops have failures of unmonitored services or systems resulting in unnecessarily long outages.
Near-zero configuration Our monitoring is driven directly from the CMDB. The consequence of this is that monitoring is automatically configured based on the services present on the systems.
Highly scalable Our exception monitoring is architected to be naturally scalable into the 10^5 range for servers without special or complex provisions.
Fully distributed All monitoring operations are fully distributed. Our exclusive RNNIGN protocol allows the central system to avoid all active monitoring.
Deep monitoring Services are monitored for correct operation using deep monitoring techniques. Services are given inexpensive, realistic operations to perform in order to verify correct operation.
Easily extensible Monitoring agents are easily written in convenient scripting languages to provide deep monitoring even for custom local applications. Recognition of when to use which monitoring agent is accomplished through simple JSON templates. These tasks require only common system administration skills. Consulting is available.
Distinguish shutdown from crash Our agent technology easily distinguishes graceful shutdowns from unexpected crashes, allowing you to easily prioritize events.
Event API Monitoring events (server up/down, service up/down) are provided for alerting systems through a simple event API. This interface is ideal for interfacing with a ChatOps chat bot to keep your teams informed of outages and recoveries and support inquiries into current status.
Standard Monitoring APIs We implement a variety of industry-standard APIs for monitoring, providing us access to a large library of preexisting monitoring agents. These APIs include the OCF and Nagios APIs among others.
Command line API We provide a variety of predefined reports from the command line. New canned reports are easily added with basic knowledge of Cypher. This interface is ideal for interfacing to a ChatOps chat bot to allow your teams to query for system information. Consulting is available for creating new reports.
REST query API We provide a JSON-based REST interface to all our canned queries (shared with the command line).
Low network traffic Each agent creates a trivial amount of network traffic, avoiding the usual traffic bottlenecks around the central server.
Co-exists with normal traffic We create minimal network traffic, and can co-exist with existing network traffic without requiring a separate network for monitoring.

Roadmap Monitoring Features

Roadmap Monitoring Feature Description
GUI For understanding and interacting with system statuses and details with a desktop and mobile-aware interface.
Alerting integrations Provide canned integrations for select alerting systems such as Flapjack.
OS support Add support for operating systems beyond Linux. FreeBSD and Windows come to mind.
Alternative topologies Add support for system monitoring in different topologies. Two that come to mind are the even more efficient multi-ring design, and hierarchical system monitoring to support systems which don’t allow star topology interaction between services.

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